Harmony, a pleasing combination of elements or arrangement of sounds

Architecture and music both have movements and feelings. A musician expresses its feelings through music and architect  his design. Both these people can use what is at their disposal to bring forth something that could produce deep emotions.

Rhythm and pitch can invoke soul in music listeners and elevate it all together into a new level, the same way the visual rhythm of forms and spaces in architecture with pitched elements like color and texture can elevate the soul to the boundary-less and timeless ambience of architecture.

Piano being a major musical instruments is conceptually adopted while evolving the form and spatial configuration of the building .the repetitive arrangements of keys and strings in the instrument is spatially transferred by ensuring harmonious repetition of architectural elements creating a rhythm between spaces within and outside the building thus the vigor and energy as in a musical composition can be experienced inside the built form.

The  word sounds like what it means – a pleasing arrangement of parts. That could mean building massing, the colors in a painting, a combination of notes within a chord, etc.

Add On Features

  • Every Room Having Internal Courts –Which Helps To Create Good Ambience Inside The Room.
  • This Internal Openings Represent The Harmony Of The Entire Building.
  • So That We Can Experience This Rhythmic Flow Anywhere Inside The House As well As The Out Side Area.

Building Details

  • Client: Asharaf.K.A.
  • Place: Kodungalloor
  • Completed: 2013


  • Civil Works : 10200000
  • Interior: 3000000
  • Landscaping: 1200000


  • Basement Floor: 388.69 Sq.Ft.
  • Ground Floor: 4056.37 Sq.Ft.
  • First Floor: 1480.59 Sq.Ft

Total : 5925.59 Sq.Ft.